Hi, I’m Tanicia Baynes,
and I used to live small

I spent years playing small, putting others’ needs before my own, and being crippled by the need for external validation.

I let myself be emotionally manipulated and lost my connection to my innate wisdom. I learned how to appease, and how to base my own happiness on the apparent happiness of others. 

I lost sight of my magic. My power. My voice. And because of that journey, and the fight I fought to get myself back, I’ve come to realize this truth:

That when women live a life of radical self-acceptance, unapologetically, they open themselves up to their inherent magic.

In Service Of

We believe we are stronger together. And without committing positive action to the atrosities in this worldwe are only a part of the problem. We currently donate a percentage of our proceeds to charity.

Together Rising

Together Rising transforms collective heartbreak
into effective action.